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Shenzhen Guangming Sightseeing Dairy Farm

  Shenzhen Guangming Sightseeing Dairy Farm is the major program of National Agricultural High-Technology Industrial Park under Guangming Group. It is the first and only agricultural industrial park that combines features of culture, manufacturing, processing, research, ecological environment, science and nutritional health knowledge education, and tourism. In addition, it adopts the automatic, electronical, and intelligent management method.  Sightseeing Farm is located in the Guangming Agricultural High-Tech Industrial Park, which is the only agricultural high-tech industrial park in the Shenzhen “9+2” high-technology industrial belt. It is benefited from the great ecological environment and beautiful natural scenery in Guangming New District. The realization of the farm can be attributed to the success of Guangming Group’s over half a century experience in various industries and over 20-year successful experience of taking up over 70% of the Hong Kong milk market; learn and develop the advantages of Chenguang Milk’s famous management method, manufacturing, processing, export, research and quality control.  

  In the demonstration site, there are the hand milking show; the automatic milking system display; science gallery for scientific knowledge of nature, biology, animal, cow, and nutritional health; drawing zone specially designed for kids; and racing site for calves. It indeed combines education with recreation, which can cultivate and promote youths’ positive spirits, love for science and scientific knowledge.

  Cows are directly imported from Canada, the United States, Germany, Denmark, New Zealand and other developed countries. All cows are raised exclusively in the natural and untainted farm, clean water from the mountain, grass and nutritional forage under scientific formula. The whole sealed production process, including milking, transportation, frozen, transportation and processing, are under fully computerized, intelligent and automatic management. It adopts the most advanced equipment from STRANGO Company and Sweden TetraPak Company, so as to guarantee the freshness and cleanness of the milk.