Guangming Farmer Restaurant

  Guagnming Farmer Restaurant is located besides Guangming Golf Field, Guangming Grass Skiing Park and other famous tourist sites. The Guangming Farmer Restaurant combines the best parts of the local foods and Hakka cuisine. Except for the signature squab dish, it introduces its signature sautéed trotters, and fresh seafood from Wan Lv River. The Peal Rive Channel Gourmet Search program specially recommends the “signature sautéed trotters”. The restaurant takes up over ten thousands square meters, with over eight thousands square meters of business area. The large hall can accommodate over 600 guests at the same time for dining, and meet vari...



  Guangming New District location has obvious advantages, especially for its convenient transportation. The construction program of transportation network fully implemented with the urban arterial road as the main work. The urban arterial road will be 135 km long, and the transportation network density will be 1.9 km/square kilometers when the urban arterial road construction work is fully completed. It will be higher than the average density level of 1.8 km/square kilometers in the whole Shenzhen city.   There are multiple expressways reaching all parts in the city. It will only take less than half an hour to get to Shenzhen downtown, Baoan ...

Traditional Property

Guangming Three Treasures

  Guangming roasted squabs, colostrum, and sweet corns are the three treasures of Guangming. Generally, people will taste all three treasures. Otherwise, it would be such a pity.   Guangming roasted squabs have the fame of the best squabs in the world. It is one of the three specialties in Shenzhen. It becomes well-known in Shenzhen because of its unique flavor. Guangming roasted squab is famous for its crispy skin, tender meat, unique scent of bones, and juicy and tasty flavor. When you have a bite of the squab, you will be amazed by how crispy the skin is, and how tender and tasty the meat is. Watch out for drips of meat sauce when you fini...