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Guangming New District Appraised Enterprises that Made Outstanding Contributions in 2016

  On the afternoon of January 10th, Guangming New District held a Spring Tea Gathering, in order to appraise enterprises with significant contribution to the economic development of Guangming New District. Kuang Bing, the vice secretary of Guangming New District Party Working Committee and the director of Administrative Committee; Wang Hao, the vice secretary of Guangming New District Party Working Committee and the deputy director of Administrative Committee; Guangming New District leaders Xu Songming, Zhou Ziyou, Li Shiqing, He Yifei, Yang Yongping, Hu Rulin, Hu Yuqing, Deng Yandong and enterprises representatives gathered together to discuss future development together.

  In 2016, the economy in Guangming New District maintained the quality of high-speed growth throughout the year. It is expected to complete the regional GDP of 72.5 billion yuan, with an increase of 9%; above-scale industrial output value of 171 billion yuan, with an increase of 8%; fixed assets investment of 30.2 billion yuan , with an increase of 7.3%; import and export volume of 11.1 billion US dollars; state tax of 7.14 billion yuan, which was increased by 14.7%; local tax of 3.73 billion yuan, with an increase of 6.2%; its annual industrial investment is expected to be 15 billion yuan, which is the first in Shenzhen Municipality and create a good start for "13th Five-Year Plan".

  At the meeting, the Guangming New District Party Working Committee, the Administrative Committee decided to grant Huaxing Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. and 9 other enterprises the "Major Taxpayer Enterprises" honorary title; awarded Huaqiang High-tech Industrial Park Investment and Development Co., Ltd. and 9 other companies "2016 Annual Guangming New District Contribution to Investment Award”; awarded Xide Sheng Bicycle Co., Ltd. and 9 other enterprises, "2016 annual Guangming New District Major Export Enterprises" honorary title; awarded Chengwei New Material Co. Ltd. and 9 other enterprises to enjoy 2017 express service for enterprises.

  In his speech, Kuang Bing expressed his gratitude to the enterprises for their construction and development of the Guangming New District. He also pointed out that in the past year, the construction of major projects in Guangming New District has improved in quality and speed. Huaxing G11 project, Guangming town in OCT, Guangming Tian'an Cloud Valley, Sun Yat-sen Univerisyt·Shenzhen and other major projects successfully settled down in Guangming New District. Ophelia, Canon, Shenzhen Auto Electric Power Co., Ltd and a number of industrial projects just started in Guangming New District, which marked a new era of economic and social development of the critical period.

  Kuang Bing said that 2017 would be an crucial year in implementation of  Guangming New District "13th Five-Year Plan". The Guangming New District would further open up mind; do solid work; adhere to the quality of leadership, innovation-driven, motivation, and people’s livelihood with priority, so as to upgrade urban quality in full wings. The Guangming New District should further improve transportation and landscape construction, so as to provide better environment for residents in Guangming New District. In the meantime, Guangming New District should continue to focus on industrial parks and industrial development as the most important work, and further improve the enterprise service system. In this way, Guangming New District should improve the quality of service to all types of enterprises, so as to provide better opportunities of development for enterprise growth; and to help enterprises to enjoy a better, faster, and stronger development in Guangming New District. He hoped that enterprises continue to maintain the passion of innovation and entrepreneurship; and take root in Guangming New District, to achieve their business value; work together to create new glories in economic and social development in Guangming New District.

  At the meeting, Huaxing Power, Huaqiang High-tech Industrial Park Investment Development Co., Ltd. and other business representatives made speeches. They have expressed their sincere gratitude towards Guangming New District for its support and concern. They also said that in the future, they would take root in Guangming New District; fight for industrial achievement; and make larger contribution to economic development.