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2016 Guangming New District Annual GDP Reached 72.5 Billion Yuan with a Growth of 9.0%

  On the afternoon of 22 January, the Guangming New District Development and Finance Bureau held the 2017 working meeting to summarize the work in 2016 and assign tasks in 2017. Hu Rulin, member of Guangming New District Party Working Committee and the deputy director of the Administrative Commission, attended the meeting. Officers from Guangming New District Development and Finance Bureau, the Guangming New District State Tax Bureau, the Local Tax Bureau and other relevant units attended the meeting.

  In 2016, in accordance with the overall requirements of the urban management, the Guangming New District Development and Finance Bureau led the Guangming New District to complete the annual economic objectives. The 2016 GDP of Guangming New District is expected to be 72.9 billion yuan, with an increase of 9.0%. At the same time, they prepared the Guangming New District structural reform program of supply side; create three action plans focusing on resolving excess manufacturing capacity and promoting transformation; reducing cost and improving environment; advancing the weak points and benefitting people’s livelihood; and accelerating economic and social development. In addition, the Guangming New District actively promoted the construction of 12 major people's livelihood projects. The 29 major people’s livelihood projects completed an amount of 850 million yuan of investment, and completed the annual investment goals.

  This year, the Guangming New District Development and Finance Bureau will focus on large enterprises, large projects and "two cities and two bands" key regional construction, and promote the supply side of structural reform, in accordance with the "urban quality improvement year" work plan, so as to comprehensively enhance the quality of the city. The Guangming New District will comprehensively promote the implementation of the "13th Five-Year Plan"; promote the implementation of the three-year action plan for industrial development; promote the implementation of the three-year action plan for consumption growth; continue to implement the national pilot project of new urbanization; and create a national pilot project for circulation transformation. Taking major projects as the starting point, Guangming New District will build and improve the quality of the city; and seek for new breakthroughs in the key areas.

  Hu Rulin required that, Guangming New District should firmly establish the overall consciousness of the situation; play a leading role; create a more in-depth layout of development; and to seek for development with a more in-depth vision. At the same time, we must establish a sense of development; and further enhance the ability of reform and innovation. Guangming New District need to vigorously promote "two cities and two bands" construction process; and promote the rapid development of the Guangming New District. Guangming New District will promote the development with stronger efforts, extended vision and greater efficiency.

  Hu Rulin said that, the relevant departments need to firmly establish a sense of crisis; further enhance the forward-looking quality of the work; in particular, emphasize on the implementation of the industry three-year action plan. Guangming New District need to firmly establish the sense of service, and further strengthen the organizational capacity; pay close attention to implementation and transformation. In addition, it will make more construction to "modern international green city", so as to achieve the goal in the first quarter of the work.