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Li Huannan Led a Group to Visit the Senior Party Members, Workers in Need, Veterans and Workers on Duty during Holiday Send Holiday Greetings to Them

  Yesterday, Li Huanan, the deputy secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, the secretary of the Political and Law Committee, and the secretary of the Guangming New District Party Working Committee, visited the senior party members, workers in need, veterans. He also visited the Guangming New District emergency command center, Nanfeng police station, Guangming Town station; delivered their cordial care and blessings of the New Year. Wang Hao, the deputy secretary of the Guangming New District Party Working Committee of the new district, Wang Hao, the deputy director of the Guangming New District Party Working Committee, and the vice director of the Administrative Committee, and leaders Zhou Ziyou, Li Shiqing, Yang Yongping participated in these activities.

  In the home of veteran Zhang Caiying, Li Huannan sent subsidies to him and asked him about his current life. The 85-year-old Zhang Qiying who lived in Guangming New District Baihua community; has participated in the Dongjiang Column, belonging to a veteran from the liberation war period (Guangming New District special care object). Zhang Caiying was very happy about Li Huanan and the group, and expressed her thankfulness to the party committee for their help. Zhang Caiying told the group that she is a widow with two sons and a daughter, who are working away from the Shenzhen. The house she is living in right now was built by the community, so that she had a residence. Li Huanan said that she is a veteran, and she has made a lot of contribution.  The relevant departments should properly take care of her life.

  Wen Hongsheng, who is a 77-year-old party member, has a 43-year history of being a party member. Every morning, Wen Hongsheng will get up early to exercise. Li Huannan and his party sent greetings to the senior party members.

  Li Huannan and the group also went to Ma Junbin, a worker in need. During their visit, Li Huanan asked the relevant departments and community staffs to listen to the voice from the grassroots level, and to solve people’s problems.

  Spring Festival is approaching. There are still a lot of people working at the front line. Yesterday, Li Huannan and his group visited Guangming New District emergency command center, Guangming Town station, Nanfeng police station, and sent Happy New Year greetings. Li Huanan encouraged the staffs on duty, and appraised them for the spirit of hard work to ensure the safety during the festival.

  In the new emergency command center, Li Huanan shake hands with the staff on duty one by one, and asked them about their working situation. He said that the duty was not only about receiving information and spreading it, but also handling all issues immediately. Li Hua Nan said that in recent years, the police situation dropped significantly, and social security improved significantly. It would be the annual peak time for population flow, so that all staffs should be careful and meticulous about maintenance work.

  After the event, according to the “Four No and Two Straight” requirements, Li Hua Nan and his group did not send a notice; went straight to the scene; had a surprise inspection of Changzhen Complex Market. Li Huannan asked the relevant departments to adhere to the safety of production especially around holiday time, so that the masses of the people would be able to have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.