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The Reconstruction and Improvement of Three Roads Became the Benchmarking Project in Shenzhen

  Yesterday morning, Liu Qingsheng, the deputy secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Standing Committee and the Shenzhen Municipal Party committee member, led his group to Guanguang road, Guangming road, Guangqiao road for landscape improvement work research. Sections along these three roads that have been modified showed significant effects, with pleasant landscape. Liu Qingsheng pointed out that the three road landscape improvement work reflected the Shenzhen Quality, which set up a benchmarking project for Shenzhen. Guangming New District should adhere to high standards of planning and construction; create urban environment with higher quality; and enhance the charm of Shenzhen.

  At Guanguang Road, Guangming Road, and Guangqiao Road, Liu Qingsheng, learnt about the reconstruction work, and carried out field check along the achievements along the roads. At present, sections of the three roads mentioned above completed the reconstruction and improvement. The landscape along the three roads was full of flowers and trees. Liu Qingsheng required that the landscape construction should be based on the local conditions and terrain features; avoid stereotype to enhance the quality of the formation of a distinctive road green landscape.

  It was learnt that with Guangming New District as the pilot site, Shenzhen comprehensively promoted the reform and innovation of urban management. Through the implementation of three projects of "purification" "landscaping" "greening" and 18 key projects in urban governance, Guangming New Districg can improve the environment, city order, and landscape; improve the urban value and urban quality. Road landscaping is a major part of reform and innovation. Since the beginning of last year, the Guangming New District focused on building three demonstration roads, Guangming Road, Guanguang Road and Guangqiao Road. With the pilot demonstration section, Guangming New District comprehensively enhance the greening quality in the district; focus on innovation and leadership, construction and management; realize “one road, one characteristic, one landscape”; set up new benchmark for the realization of the urban road greening and fine management; form a new mechanism; and enhance the management level. Among these, Guangming New District is responsible for the Guangming Road, Guanguang Road landscape upgrade project. Guangming Road built flame trees along Guanguang Road. The landscape along these two roads were extended to 4 km and 11 km respectively, with an increase in green space to 70,000 square meters and 250,000 square meters respectively. City Shenzhen Municipal Urban Management Bureau is responsible for the Guangqiao Road green landscape upgrade project. The road greening landscape would be extended to 11 km and green space to ??160,000 square meters.

  Liu Qingsheng was satisfied with the achievement of the landscape greening project on Guanguang Road. He said that the green quality improvement work on these three roads reflect the Shenzhen quality, showing the responsibility and accountability of Guangming New District. It also highlighted the courage of Guangming New District. For the next step, all districts in Shenzhen would set these three roads as the standard, and aimed to create more delicate roads.

  Liu Qingsheng emphasized that the urban management departments should work hard; not afraid of obstacles; adhere to high standards of planning and construction; create a urban environment with higher quality; and make this make Shenzhen more attractive. Guangming New District should put forward concrete and feasible measures; constantly improve the urban environmental construction; adhere to change every year. Even a small change would help Shenzhen to build "the country's most clean city."

  Wang Guobin, the director of Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau, Zhu Weihua, the deputy direct of Municipal Urban Management Bureau, He Yifei, the Guangming New District leader, and urban management department leaders in all districts in Shenzhen, attended the research.