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Guangming New District Took the Lead in Establishing Community Land Preparation Office in Shenzhen

  Carry out land preparation. Protect the development space. In 2017, Guangming  New District will continue to promote the completion of the land preparation work assigned by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, focusing on promoting the Huaxing photoelectric G11 project, Sun Yat-sen University Shenzhen Campus, Raiway No. 6, outer ring highway and other major projects, so to ensure the successful completion of land preparation tasks . It will contribute to building Guangming New District into a modern, international green city.

  Successful land preparation work cannot go without innovation. At the beginning of the New Year, there was good news from the land preparation work in Guangming New District. Among the first in Shenzhen, it established community land preparation office. It constantly opens up new situation for land preparation work; and comprehensively promotes the land preparation work to a new level. This team is built upon the grassroots communities, with sufficient personnel, training, funding. When it was put into work, the office has attracted a lot of attention.

  Leaders Attached Great Importance to the Take the Lead in Establishing Community Land Preparation Office in Shenzhen

  On November 4, 2016, Guangming New District held a motivational meeting to accelerate the progress of the land preparation work and the construction of Railway No. 6th, which marked a comprehensive start of the land preparation work. In the mobilization meeting, Guangming New District officially issued the “Action Plan to Further Accelerate the Land Preparation in Guangming New District" (referred to as "Action Plan"), which clearly put land preparation work as a "project of first priority" and mobilized the entire society in Guangming New District. It promoted the implementation of land preparation project.

  Taking action is the responsibility. On December 16, 2016, Guangming New District decided after research to take the lead in establishing six community land preparation offices in six communities in its jurisdiction, including Jingkou, Biyan, Dongzhou, Cuihu, Baihua, and Guangming. It also announced the staff lists for all community land preparation Offices.

  It was learnt that Guangming New District was able to set up a community land preparation offices in the six communities was because, on the one hand, its "action plan" was in accordance with a reform spirit following the idea to streamline administration and delegate more powers to lower-level government and society, which strengthened a major role in implementing land preparation work. On the other hand, Mai Xiongguang, the secretary of Guangming Party Working Committee and the director of Guangming New District office, attached great importance to land preparation work, which benefited the situation as well.

  The action of establishing land preparation office in these six communities fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the community, which extended the land preparation work from the Guangming New District Office, Sub-district offices, community level, to the masses. Thus, it formed a comparatively mature network of Guangming New District, Sub-district offices, Communities, for land preparation work in Guangming New District.

  Increase Investment, Move the Focus to the Base

  Firstly, Guangming New District Office selected six elite staffs to be appointed as the leaders of community land preparation offices. They will lead the community offices. At the same time, the office made huge investment in allocating working allowances to each community. Through the community, it recruited five staffs to the community land preparation office. This team has one team leader and five staffs. In addition, Guangming New District has allocated funds to each community for them to carry out land preparation work. It was learnt that, by the end of 2016, all staffs have been in place.

  Community-led, Take the Initiative to Implement Land Preparation

  It was learnt that, since the implementation of the new "urban quality improvement" project, the focus of the community is to promote a number of “strength the district and benefit people” projects with small-scale investments. This year, Guangming New District will promote a number of “strength the district and benefit people” projects with large-scale investment. The community's own development involves an increasing demand for land expropriation.  Guangming New District Offices and communities are very supportive of establishing community land preparation offices. These professional land reclamation teams could take the initiative in carrying out land preparation work, and effectively ease the burden of community leaders.

  Since then, in the land preparation process, the community started to take imitative in the project. Cuihu community is the first community to set up community land preparation office. Diao Fei, the vice secretary of Cuihu Community Party Committee, thinks that the establishment of community land preparation office receives unprecedented support from the office by providing staffs, funding and materials to the community. The community has full responsibility, rights and benefits in the land preparation work, which enhanced the sense of responsibility among community officers. Mai Shuisheng, the representative of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress and the secretary of Biyan Community Party Committee told reporters that the establishment of community land preparation offices directly involve communities in the land preparation work, which more better for the community to play a larger role in major projects related to the people's livelihood.