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About Guangming

  1. General information

  Guangming New District was founded on August 19, 2007. It is a huge step forward to accelerate the construction of an international city in Shenzhen, and improving urban development layout. Guangming New District is a yound district in Shenzhen. It is located in the northwestern area in Shenzhen. Guongming and Guangming are the two sub districts of the Guangming New Diestrict. Its jurisdiction covers 156.1 square kilometers, with around one million population.

  The Guangming New District follows the institutional structure of the development zone and fulfills its functions as a district government, such as economy development, urban construction, and social administration. Following the requirements of the “super ministries system, general integration”, Guangming New District Party Working Commission cooperates with the Administration Commission. They set up general office, Bureau of Discipline Inspection, Bureau of Personnel, Social Work Committee, Bureau of Development and Finance, Bureau of Economic Service, Bureau of Social Development, Bureau of Public Affairs, Bureau of Urban Construction, Bureau of Urban Administration, Bureau of Production Safety Supervision and Administration, New City Development and Construction Office, Logistic Service Center of Government, Construction Affairs and Land Development Center, Land Preparedness Center, Land-Use Planning Supervision and Administration Group, Public Resources Exchange Center. For now, Bureau of Public Security of Shenzhen Municipality, Land-Use Planning, Market Supervision and Administration, Nation Tax, Local Tax, Social Security and other departments that are directly under municipal government have set up district offices in Guangming New District.

  2. Basic economic and social indicators

  In 2014, the local GDP has increased by 11%, amounting to 63.277 billion yuan. The total above- scale industrial output reached 151.268 billion yuan, increasing by 13.5%. Above-scale industrial added value achieved 36.695 billion yuan, with a growth of 13.7%. The total fixed asset investment was 23.119 billion yuan, growing at a rate of 11.4%. The total retail sales of social consumer goods went up to 9.781 billion yuan, with an increase of 13%. The total import and export value was 10.287 billion US dollars, which decreased by 0.4%. The national and local district tax revenues had a 23% increment up to 7.7 billion yuan and the public finance revenue grew to 4.6 billion yuan with an increase of 77.5%.