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Shenzhen Charity Federation and Caring Enterprises Sent Out “Warm Packs” to the Affected People

  On December 24th 2015, Shenzhen Charity Federation cooperated with Eastroc Beverage, Carrefour, Baidu Takeaway, AierGuangming Foundation, Tongren Women’s Health Care Fund, An Fund, as well as Mini Marathon Sports Volunteer Branch and other caring enterprises and funds to send around 4000 “Warm Packs” to GuangmingEvent location and rescue workers at the frontline. The “Warm Pack” included daily living equipment such as toothbrush, toothpaste, and clean underwear; warm goods such as socks, thermal underwear, and thermos cup; as well as apples and oranges.

  Carrefour provided around 3000 “Warm Packs”, while Tongren Women’s Health Care Fund sent dozens of boxes of apples and oranges. Eastroc Beverage donated 3000 Eastrocenergy drinks to supplement energy. Mini Manathon Sports Volunteer Branch provided 10 business cars and 30 volunteers.

  It was learnt that after communicating with Guangming community foundation, Shenzhen Charity Federation found that people at settlement point and rescue workers were in need of clean clothes, warm goods, daily living equipment and other resources. In order to help these affected people, Shenzhen Charity Federation cooperated with Carrefour, Baidu Takeaway, Tongren Women’s Health Care Fund, Aier Women’s Health Care Fund and other institutes to send out warm packs. The “Warm Pack” included apples, oranges, toothbrush, toothpaste, warm underwear, and clean underwear. Yesterday, Shenzhen Charity Federation representatives and staffs from those caring enterprises came to Guangming Mass Sports Center, Guangming New District Maker Apartments and other settlement points. They sent out 4000 “warms packs” to people. Affected people who received warm packs mentioned that these products were really useful for them.